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SSCB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Children Training

‘I am in no doubt that effective support for children and families cannot be achieved by a single agency acting alone. It depends on a number of agencies working well together. It is a multi–disciplinary task’.

Lord Laming, Victoria Climbié Inquiry, 2003

The Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) and Safeguarding Children Service has a long record of providing high quality multi-agency safeguarding children training through a Training Pool and a team of specialist trainers.

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E-Forms and Charging Policy

In order to simplify the application process we are now using electronic application forms for all safeguarding children training.

Domestic Abuse Safeguarding Children Courses

For further details on how to apply for the following courses which are now administered by Action Housing please visit their website, click here.

  • Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment and MARAC
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Affected by Domestic Abuse
  • Systems of Abuse including Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and FGM


All of our multi-agency training is free for staff who work for SSCB Partners Agencies, or local 'not for profit' organisations.  However, there will be a £50 charge for non-attendance on courses where 5 days notice of cancellation has not been received (for full details see charging policy).


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If you are concerned about a child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care

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