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Learning from Practice

The Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) has a strong quality assurance programme  that includes audits, service evaluation and performance monitoring data (outlined in the Quality Assurance, Learning and Improvement Framework). 

The SCSP has a strong focus on learning from practice and involves frontline professionals, parents, carers and young people, where possible.  The findings from this work, alongside local and national serious case reviews, inspection information and research provides the Partnership with information and learning that it uses in its continual drive to improve practice.

Learning and Practice Improvement Group (LPIG):

Setting Standards

The LPIG reviews the evidence and recommendations for safeguarding children from a number of different sources, including:

  • National guidance from Government organisations
  • Recommendations from local and national serious case reviews
  • Emerging themes from Themed Audit days and learning lessons reviews conducted by SCSP
  • Reviews by voluntary agencies eg NSPCC
  • The business plan of the SCSP.

Policies and Procedures

In response to recommendations, the LPIG develops policies and procedures for safeguarding children that require a multi-agency approach, to:

  • Ensure multi-agency safeguarding procedures are updated and available to all staff
  • Determine workforce development needs
  • Ensure that ‘the voice of the child’ is central to the work that it does.


The LPIG seeks assurance from agencies that recommendations are acted on and policies and procedures are followed, to:

  • Review single agency audits
  • Identify themes for SCSP audits
  • Undertake and contribute to multi-agency audits for the SCSP
  • Seek assurance from agencies of the implementation of action plans from SCRs and learning reviews.         


  • The LPIG reports on it’s activity to the SCSP Operational Board.


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If you are concerned about a child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care

Learning from Practice

Working Together to Safeguard Children

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