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May 2023

News: If you have not yet accessed the refreshed Early Years training offer then please do. The training is FREE and the details are here: Early Years Safeguarding Sheffield Training Offer. We are keen that as many settings as possible access our training as it is tailored to our children's needs in Sheffield.

We offer:

  • A Universal (Basic) Safeguarding Training course
  • A Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Safeguarding Deputies training course
  • Termly DSL/D and managers safeguarding briefings
  • Dates for the above training have been sent out to settings to book on.

News: The next DSL/D and Managers briefing is on Wednesday 5th July 2023 1pm-2.30pm.

Key updates in this briefing will include:
• Recruitment and suitable people
• Contextual safeguarding overview



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