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August 2022

News: The Model Policies, Templates and Tools page has been updated. The documents have been refreshed, updated and several documents are new. Please browse these new documents for the most up-to-date information. Please feel free to adopt these documents.

News: The Guidance page has been updated with refreshed guidance documents and links to relevant external resources.

News: A new Early Years Safeguarding Sheffield Training Offer for Early Years has been launched and is available here Early Years Safeguarding Sheffield Training Offer

News: As part of the new Early Years Safeguarding Sheffield Training Offer we are now offering Universal (Basic) Safeguarding Training course (1/2 day) and the feedback has been very positive:

"Everything was informative nothing could be done better"

"A really nice calm and informative session" 

"Very interesting course, very informative and friendly trainers. I would definitely recommend this course to others, Thankyou."

"Very informative course, well delivered."

  • We will be offering a Designated Safeguarding Lead and Designated Safeguarding Deputies training course
  • We will be offering 'bitesize' briefings 3 times a year for Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies and would encourage managers to come to these briefings as well.
  • Dates for the above training have been sent out to settings to book on.

News: Please fill in the new Early Years Settings Safeguarding Self-audit Tool Early Years Settings Self-audit 2022 by 30th September 2022. The Self-audit takes approximately 30 minutes and it is an expectation that all EY settings and Childminders fill this in. It is on a Microsoft Form so no paper or envelopes are involved. Click on the link and there is a sheet explaining what to do.



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