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Safeguarding Annual Audit from Head Teachers


The updated 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' was published on 15.12.23. The Executive Board are considering the changes to Working Together in the Spring Term. The documents and resources published on the Education pages will be updated to reflect any changes as soon as possible, likely at Easter.

The Safeguarding Annual Audit (SAA) 2022-23 is now closed. The window for the 2023-24 Safeguarding Annual Audit will be confirmed and shared in due course.

  • Head Teachers/Principals and others designated as ‘Leaders’ on the PHEW! audit system received an automatic system notification on the launch date. Additional team members can be added by the Headteacher/Principal and can also designate other team members as 'leaders' on the system.
  • Existing users can access the system via Phew! Online Audits - see user guide below for further details

    Once you have completed and submitted the SAA, you will have the option to download your audit and action plan. Please do this prior to the submission deadline date.

    The deadline date for the Safeguarding Annual Audit 22-23 was 31st August 2023This date may seem soon but the audit has been carefully streamlined for this year, to ensure it is not onerous or time-consuming to fill in, whilst still providing very important information.

    Please read the introductory statement carefully at the start of the Safeguarding Annual Audit for more information.

    Please remember – once the deadline date for completion has passed, the system will lock down and you will no longer be able to work on your audit, nor be able to download it.


      SAA Analysis:

      Please see the reports below for analysis of the most recent Safeguarding Annual Audits





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