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Community & Peer Issues

Children and adults can cause harm to other children, young people or particularly vulnerable adults. This harmful behaviour may be  carried out by an individual, as a part of group or through a community, and can include gang or weapons related violence.  It can occur online, for example, when children and young people are coerced to share youth produced sexual imagery ('sexting').

Children who harm others are likely to have additional and complex needs and while they should be held responsible for their behaviour, they should also be safeguarded and their welfare should be promoted.

SCSP fact sheets:

SCSP policies & protocols:


Multi-agency training:

  • Planet Porn vs Planet Earth - A teaching pack about pornography, sexuality and gender plus other useful links.

  • Prevent Training (Workshop for Raising Awareness of Prevent’ (WRAP)) is provided through 'Learn Sheffield' and details about further courses can be found on their website.



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