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Keeping you and your friends safe

All children and young people have the right to be safe from being harmed in any way. We all want you to get the best out of life: to be safe, healthy, get on well with your family and friends, and do your best at school or in work when you are older.

But some children and young people may be hurt by other people. This may be:

  • by a parent or carer, a friend or relative, or sometimes by a stranger
  • or it may be by other children or young people

Children and young people may be:

  • hurt at home or in their neighbourhood
  • bullied or hurt at school or in the street
  • hurt face to face, or by computer or mobile phone.

You may hear about some upsetting cases, of children being badly hurt, on the TV, radio or in the newspapers. You may also know of a friend who has been hurt in some way, or it may have happened to you or someone in your family.

We can help and support children and young people, and their families who have got problems in their lives. But we need people to tell us about their concerns. We can’t help anyone, unless we know they need help.

In Sheffield, we try to make sure that people know who to ring or contact if they think that a child or young person is being harmed. Some people may be frightened to call the police or Children's Social Care. They may think that they will get into trouble, or they may think it is not their business but we need them to know that it is everybody’s business.

There are posters and leaflets available that give people information about who to contact in Sheffield, if they are concerned. If you are worried about one of your friends, someone in your family or perhaps yourself then you can speak to a teacher or other member of staff at school, or someone at your doctor’s or to any other worker that you know.

If you do not want to speak to someone face to face, there are (list top right) organisations you can call. You probably know it anyway, but you can ring Childline on 0800 11 11.

Remember: there is always someone you can talk to. Everyone has a right to be safe.


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If you are concerned about another child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care

Helpful organisations:

  • Childline for advice and support to children and young people. Phone 0800 1111 or visit the Childline website.

  • Kidscape is a Children’s charity that gives practical advice to young people about bullying and keeping safe. Visit the Kidscape website
  • The Samaritans confidential helpline for young people experiencing feelings of distress or despair – tel: 08457 90 90 90. Visit The Samaritans website

  • Youth Access – Tel: 020 8772 9900. This organisation will put you in touch with local services that offer information, advice and counselling

  • The Hideout - for young people affected by domestic abuse. Visit The Hideout website.