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The SSCB provides a number of online courses, allowing you to access the training from any computer with an internet connection.  Covering a range of topics (as shown in the course list below), all programmes use interactive screens, challenges, tracking and online assessment and on completion all learners receive a SSCB certificate.

If you are working directly with children and families and looking for an Introductory Course the Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect (CORE) is likely to be suitable for most people. If however you work in an education setting then the 'Safeguarding Children in Education' is likely to be the most appropriate course. 

Other E-Learning course available are:

  • Female Genital Mutilation; Recognising and Preventing FGM
  • Hidden Harm – The Effect of Parental Drug and Alcohol Misuse on Children
  • Runaways – South Yorkshire Protocol
  • Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the Risk of SIDS
  • Safeguarding and Leadership
  • Safer Recruitment 

All courses are free if you are employed by: Sheffield City Council, any SSCB partner agency, or are a childminder in the city, or are involved in any Voluntary/Community/Faith organisation in the city.  A cost maybe applicable if you work for an independent or private organisation please contact us to discuss.

The application process for most online courses has now been simplified, allowing you to self-register and be given immediate access to the training courses available.  You can self-register and obtain details of all e-learning courses available by clicking here SELF-REGISTER

If you already have an e-learning training account, LOG ON as normal to access further courses through your Requested Learning Tab.

For further advice or information about any of the online e-learning courses please contact us at the email address below:safeguardingchildrentraining@sheffield.gov.uk

Other External E-Learning Courses

The following e-learning courses are provided by external organisations free of charge and can be accessed direct by clicking the link below (please note you will be required to register with these providers):

Keep them Safe - CSE Awareness

Child Victims of Trafficking - ECPAT UK 

Children and Young People - Mental Health MInd Ed is a new website funded by the Department of Health.  It offers a range of e-learning  modules on the mental health of children and young people - what goes wrong and what can be done to help.  It provides a wealth of information on child development, how problems show and practical insights into when to be concerned, what to do and when to refer on to specialists. (The MindEd Core Curriculum is recommended for professionals or volunteers who are not specialist child mental health practitioners).

Children of Prisoners - There are an estimated 200,000+ children in England and Wales who have a parent or carer in prison.  Often described as the ‘innocent victim’ they risk isolation, stigma, poverty and family breakdown. This eLearning programme, offered by SCIE ( social care institute for excellence), explores the child’s experience and the social and emotional impact of parental imprisonment on a child.

Childhood Obesity: Raising the issue of weight in children, young people and parents

This free course aims to assist anyone working with children, young people and families to identify when weight may be an issues, provide the skills and confidence to sensitivity raise the issue of weight, and provide support to manage a brief intervention.


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If you are concerned about a child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care

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