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Child Death Processes

Child Death Review partners (local authorities and clinical commissioning groups) for the local area must make arrangements to review the deaths of all children normally resident in the local area, and if they consider appropriate for any non-resident child, who has died in their area, up to their 18th birthday.

Child Death Overview Panels were established in 2008 in order to meet the statutory requirements which can be found in Chapter 5 Working Together 2018 (www.gov.uk/government/publications/working-together-to-safeguard-children--2)

In line with updated guidance (www.gov.uk/government/publications/child-death-review-statutory-and-operational-guidance-england) new statutory requirements will take effect from 2019. 

The process of reviewing all children’s deaths is grounded in deep respect for the rights of children and their families, with the intention of improving the health and safety of children and preventing future child deaths, and to improve the experience of families, as well as professionals after the death of a child.

The National Child Mortality Database is used to systematically capture information following a child death; this will enable local learning, but will also identify learning at a national level and inform changes in policy and practice.

Agencies must notify their local CDR partners about the death of a child; the procedures can be found at: https://sheffieldscb.proceduresonline.com/index.htm

To notify us about the death of a child please follow the link below to complete your Notification form within 24hrs.


If you have any problems with submitting a notification via the above link please contact: CDOP Business Support on 0114 2039669.

Further information available:

  • CDOP Leaflet - professionals to be updated
  • CDOP Leaflet - family

Follow this link for information about the Sheffield Safer Sleep Campaign.

Child Death Overview Panel Annual Report 2017-2018

Child Death Overview Panel Annual Report 2018-2019 – to be added



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