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Transitions: Preparing for Adulthood

The majority of young people successfully transition into adulthood with support from their families, communities, and universal services such as schools.  However, some young people require further support to prepare for adulthood.  For example, this could include support moving from a children’s service into an equivalent adult’s service, or support transitioning from being in the care of the local authority into an independent adulthood.

The transition of young people from children’s to adult’s services has been a key element of both the children and adults safeguarding partnerships, which has led to some significant progress and work to ensure ever more robust and effective transition  arrangements.

Whilst these service improvements for young people with an identified health and/or social care need continue, it is also important to recognise that not all young people who require additional support to transition successfully to adulthood will be eligible for, or require, traditional forms of formal support from adult services. There is therefore an increasing focus, by both the Children and Adult Safeguarding Partnerships, on the importance of how services can work together to support a successful transition into adulthood, for those young people who require some additional support.

In March 2019 the SSCB hosted a half day  learning event which aimed to meet some of the Practitioner information needs in relation to support for young people aged 18-25, both in terms of formal support from Adult Services  and newer emerging services that aim to meet a wider need. Below are links to some of the presentations given at this event together with a number of other useful resources. As work in this area continues we will add to the list of resource and information available.




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