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Domestic Abuse, Forced Marriage & FGM

Home and intimate relationships should help people to feel safe but that may be compromised if children, young people and their parents are living with emotional pressures such as the threat of forced marriage, honour-based violence, and domestic or intimate partner abuse.

The impact of these experiences for children and young people should always be considered and referrals made to Children’s Social Care if there are concerns. Similarly you should consider the vulnerability of the adults involved and consider a referral to Adult Safeguarding.

It is important to remember that young people can experience domestic abuse in their own intimate partner relationships and since 2013 the definition of domestic abuse includes 16 & 17 yr olds, for both victims and young people causing harm. Whilst identifying Domestic Abuse can be difficult in any circumstance, we know this is particularly so in young people’s relationships where it is hidden or normalised by young people themselves. See below for links to the YP and Domestic Abuse fact sheet, YP Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment Tool and Referral & Support pathways.

Below are SCSP fact sheets, policies and protocols, and training to help you and your workforce understand the issues involved, know when to ask for support and to get help when it is needed.


SCSP fact sheets:

SCSP policy & protocols:

Education settings' should also go to their policies & procedures page to find other useful guidance about domestic abuse, forced marriage and Female Genital Mutilation.

Assessment guidance:

Other useful guidance:


To access these courses you need to follow the link, self-register, and then you can start straight away.

SCSP Multi-Agency Training

Other Sheffield Training:

  • Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment and MARAC
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Affected by Domestic Abuse
  • Systems of Abuse including Forced Marriage/Honour Based Violence/FGM

The courses above are administered by IDAS.  For further details and to apply for these courses please visit their website.


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