Child Death Processes

The Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is required to have in place arrangements for the review of the deaths of all children (up to their 18th birthday) normally resident in Sheffield.  The requirements for the review of child deaths are set out in Chapter 5 of Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2015

The review involves two interrelated processes:

  • The Designated Doctor for Child Deaths leads a team of Consultant Paediatricians and nurses based at Sheffield Children's Hospital, who coordinate a ‘rapid response’ when a child dies suddenly or unexpectedly (i.e. a death that was not anticipated 24 hours before the death, or where there was an unexpected collapse which led to the death).
    This response considers the immediate support needs of the family, while facilitating investigation from the Police/Coroner as necessary. 

  • The Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) meets 6 times each year and is Chaired by the Director of Public Health.
    The panel are made up of representatives from a range of agencies including Children's Social Care, Police and Health services.  

The most important reason for reviewing child deaths is to improve the health and safety of children and to prevent other children from dying. The CDOP maintains a focus on prevention through all its work. Please see leaflet below for further information.

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