Safeguarding Annual Report From Head Teachers

The Safeguarding Annual Report from Head Teachers (SAR) 2018-19 went live on 26/4/19. The deadline date for submission was 26/7/19.

Please read the full NEW and updated user guide 2018-19 below, before you login to the system. It contains updated explanations necessary for the completion of some of the questions.

Head Teachers, Principals & Leaders will receive an automatic system notification on the launch date. They can then assign their ‘team members’ to the report, notify them and ensure that they also access the user guide.

NB: existing users can access the system via (see user guide for further details).

Once you have completed and submitted the SAR, you will have the option to download your report and action plan. Please do this prior to the submission deadline date. Once the deadline date for completion has passed, the system will lock down and you will no longer be able to work on your report, nor be able to download it.  


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