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Online-Safety Coordinators

The use of technology has become a significant component of many safeguarding issues. An effective approach to online-safety helps education settings to protect and educate the whole school community and to develop systems to identify, intervene and escalate incidents of concern.

Opportunities to teach online-safety in education settings should be considered a central part of a broad and balanced curriculum, alongside e.g. Relationships and Sex Education and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. In Sheffield resources for this will soon be available here: Learn Sheffield

Governing bodies & proprietors should:

  • Ensure that their setting has a trained Online-Safety Coordinator (OSC) who is also a trained Designated Safeguarding Lead or Deputy
  • Ensure that there are appropriate filtering and monitoring systems in place to minimise risks to their pupils when using the settings IT system

The role of the Online-Safety Coordinator includes:

  • Creating, maintaining and reviewing online-safety policies and procedures; promoting awareness and understanding for pupils, parents/carers, staff and volunteers and ensuring online-safety is embedded across the curriculum and promoted with parents and carers
  • Being the first point of contact for online-safety issues; recording, monitoring, communicating & reviewing concerns; referring concerns to appropriate agencies; reporting to Governors & liaising with the Local Authority, the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) and other relevant agencies as appropriate
  • Ensuring that pupils, staff & volunteers receive regular training & offering support and training to parents and carers as appropriate

If you want information about the Online-Safety Coordinator role and training for SCC Alternative Provider's, please follow this link: Alternative Education Provider SCC Training.

The SCSP training pathway for Online-Safety Coordinators in schools and colleges is:

  1. Online-Safety: a Whole School Approach - this training is required and MUST be completed by Online-Safety  Coordinators in schools
  2. Online-Safety Refresher - can be completed only after  the 2 day course above

Before you apply for training, please ensure you have your training ID 4-digit number available. To find out more go to: Schoolpoint 365, School Safeguarding Teams

Online-Safety: A Whole School Approach (2 days) 2019-20:

Day 1 venue: Level 2 Conference Suite, Moorfoot Building, Sheffield S1 4SP
Day 2 venue: Learn Sheffield, Lees Hall Road, Sheffield S8 9JP

Day 1 - Mon 27th April 20, 9:30am-4pm (Moorfoot)

- cancelled until further notice

Day 2 - Wed 13th May 20, 9:30am-4pm (Learn Sheffield)

- cancelled until further notice

To book a place on the training above, please complete and submit the electronic booking form here: Online-Safety: A Whole School Approach - link currently disabled

Online-Safety Refresher 2019-20:

Venue: Level 2 Conference Suite, Moorfoot Building, Sheffield S1 4SP

Monday 13th July 20, 1pm-3pm, Moorfoot

- cancelled until further notice

To book a place on the training above, please complete and submit the electronic booking form here: Online-Safety Refresher- link currently disabled


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