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THE Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership and Adult Safeguarding Partnership are working with local football clubs to develop a new scheme, so that children and vulnerable people have a great experience as valued football spectators.


The initiative is being set up in partnership with the local football clubs and consultation is currently taking place.  It aims to encourage parents and carers of children and vulnerable adults to talk to the club’s safeguarding officer and let them know of any additional needs their children, or vulnerable adults have, so that the club can work with them to put adequate safeguarding measures in place.


Steve Lonnia, Head of Licensing said: “Through our partnership initiatives with safeguarding, we work closely with stewards and the safety managers at sports grounds, who recognise the importance of responding to diversity.  We want places where everyone can enjoy football within a safe and appropriate environment. “


Julie Hague of the Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership said: “We want to make sure that children and vulnerable people with additional needs are all equally recognised and responded to.  Football attracts vulnerable followers who enjoy going along to watch the sport and we think it’s important that spectators’ additional needs and vulnerabilities, such as behavioural or mental health needs, are responded to in the same way we that have measures in place to safeguard spectators with physical disabilities.”


The scheme will come with safeguarding guidance to participating clubs and offer variable measures, including:


  • the provision of suitable designated areas/seating arrangements
  • designated trained response stewards
  • membership registration
  • wristband provision
  • buddying
  • discrete use of the Access card and safe places materials


The scheme, which will be launched later this year, is currently being developed in consultation with parents, carers, children and young people and vulnerable adults along with stewards and officials who regularly attend football matches.  If you have experience of caring for, or working with, a child or adult who has additional needs and who attends, or would like to attend, sport events, it would be helpful if you could give us your views by completing this questionnaire, by 31st August 2017.


Thank you for your support.


For more information about the scheme contact:

Julie Hague

Licensing Project Manager, Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership

Floor 3 South, Howden House, Union Street, Sheffield S1 3SH

0114 2736753

07854 219682




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