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Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation - It's Not OK

In 2018 the SSCB (now called the SCSP), NSPCC and key partners joined together to plan and deliver the 'It's Not Ok' Campaign, which aimed to raise practitioner and public awareness of sexual exploitation and abuse.  Over the 12 months of the campaign hundreds of practitioners from across the Sheffield Children's workforce attended workshops and training events, and Y7 pupils from local secondary schools benefitted from a specially commissioned theatre production that explored the themes of abuse and exploitation.

The campaign may be over but the work to raise awareness, build confidence and protect children from abuse and exploitation goes on.  Below you will find links to information and resources which aims to support everyone in this important task.

Child Sexual Abuse   Child Sexual Exploitation
What is child sexual abuse? Find out how to spot the signs and find out how to keep safe.   What is Child Sexual Exploitation. Who to talk to and where to look for help.
What happens when I say...   Talk Pants and you've got it covered!
Speaking up about sexual abuse or exploitation can be upsetting and scary. We understand that you want the abuse to stop. We also understand that you might be worried about what might happen after you tell somebody. This is normal and it’s okay to feel like this.   The NSPCC Pants Programme aims to teach primary school aged children that what is in their pants belongs to them.

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If you think a child is in immediate danger contact the police on 999.

Sheffield Social Care

If you are concerned about a child or young person, follow this link: Referring a safeguarding concern to Children’s Social Care


For support or if you're are concerned that a child has been sexually abused please contact the NSPCC 24 hour helpline.
Tel: 0808 800 5000
Email: help@nspcc.org.uk