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Children and Young People's Involvement

Children and Young People's Involvement

The SCSP (formerly SSCB) has developed links with various young people’s organisations in Sheffield in order for young people to influence and participate in the work of the Board. Below are a number of projects that have been undertaken in the last 3 years.

Young People’s Challenge of the SSCB Annual Report and participation in the SSCB Development Day (Autumn 2016)

The SSCB Independent Chair and the Professional Adviser to the Board (Assistant Director for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance) met with the Sheffield Young Advisers regarding the SSCB Annual Report. In addition to this, the Young Advisers also attended the SSCB Development Day. Young Advisers provided the Board with what they considered to be key issues for young people in the city and what they feel the Board should consider as their priorities for the coming year. The Board was able to use these as a basis for their discussion regarding the Business Plan for the year 2017/18.

Children and Young People in the Performing Arts (Spring 2016 onwards)

The SCSP Licensing Project Manager has been working with the Council’s Child Permits and Licenses team, to review the way we support chaperones and applicants (eg show producers) in their safeguarding and regulatory responsibilities.  A new regime has been developed in consultation with the adults and young people working in professional and amateur performing arts settings and will be launched at The Crucible this autumn.  The regime includes new procedures, such as an online training resource and will reduce the bureaucratic burden on groups and organisations providing opportunities for young performers.  The regime aims to support and make performing arts groups for children secure and more sustainable.   At the launch, young performers will speak about what performing means to them, why we need to support chaperones and directors/producers and the advantages of joining the Arts Award scheme.

E-safety Drama ‘Selfie’ (Spring 2015)

In association with a local secondary school, a short drama was produced by Year 13 students in partnership with the SSCB.  The presentation ‘Selfie’ delivers important e-safety messages for children and young people and has a focus on sending images and online gaming.  This resource has been presented to other schools.

Designing a Fact Sheet & Z card about Scratchers (illegal tattooists) (Spring 2015)

The Sheffield Young Advisors designed a fact sheet and a Z card about the personal risks of going to a ‘Scratcher’ for body modification or tattoo and the law in relation to this. These resources were produced by the Advisors in partnership with the SSCB and the Sheffield City Council Health Protection Service. The resources were launched in February 2015 and are aimed at vulnerable young people and are distributed across social media sites and through targeted venues (e.g. GP, school nurses).

Sheffield E-safety Consultations with Children and Young People (Autumn 2014)

To inform an e-safety strategy that reflects children and young people’s online lives and to enable us to give them the support they need, 6,767 pupils from Year 1 to Year 11 participated in an E-safety survey and focus groups. This involved 18 groups of children in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 across the City. This information gave a valuable insight into the digital lives of a substantial number of children and young people in the City

The two resulting reports can be downloaded below.

Young People’s Involvement in Themed Audit Days (Spring 2014 onwards)

Young people at the focus of the Themed Audit Day review process are invited to either meet to discuss their views of the services they have received or complete and return a feedback questionnaire.  This informs the findings that are reported to the Board and are summarised in Learning Briefs for all professionals working with children and young people. 


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