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Safe and Together Overview – one day training for safeguarding leads in agencies

Safe and Together is an international model which promotes tools and interventions designed to help professionals become domestic abuse informed.

Since 2020 Sheffield has been rolling out the Safe and Together model. Fieldwork social workers are all completing the Safe and Together 4 day Core Training – with nearly 200 trained so far.

This training is for social care managers and safeguarding staff in partner agencies to provide an introduction to, and overview of, the Safe & Together Model. The presentation provides participants with information about creating a domestic abuse-informed family serving system, the principles and components of the Safe & Together Model and information about the framework behind competency-building in a family serving system around domestic abuse.

The training will be delivered by Steve Lock, a Safe and Together certified trainer who has 30 years child protection social work experience.

We have so far trained over 200 social workers, and it is great to see social workers putting the principles of the model in place and using the tools and resources to increase safety.

‘Mum couldn’t believe social worker called her a ‘survivor’ as up to that point she felt like a victim. This really struck a chord with mum and said she feels even more motivated to continue moving forward without her abusive partner.’ (Survivor)

‘..I have already been doing this and have found that by really focusing on my language I have been able to partner better with survivors and work together.’ (Social Worker)

‘I now focus on the perpetrator's behaviour and the impact on the child rather than expecting the victim to keep herself and the child safe.’ (Social Worker)

Please book on to one of the Eventbrite sessions below to register and secure your place. 

Monday 20th June 9.30am – 4.30pm


Thursday 6th October 9.30am – 4.30pm



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