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Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers: Training Resources for the Taxi/Private Hire Trade

Safeguarding Awareness Training for the Taxi & Private Hire Trade

The Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership has produced these bite-sized videos and training resources, to raise awareness of child exploitation and how it can involve the taxi and hotel trades, if those trades are misused by perpetrators.  Take a look at our video about the safeguarding role of the taxi driver https://youtu.be/Lqg-Qc-t4H8

National Association of Licensing & Enforcement Officers Guidance

In 2008 the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board (now called The Sheffield Children Safeguarding Partnership SCSP) initiated a regional consultation involving children’s and adult services, the local authorities and the taxi/private hire trade.  The aim of the consultation was to look at the different issues that arise when drivers are working with vulnerable passengers and develop a training module to support drivers in their role.

As a result of the partnership work, a training resource was produced and attendance at the training is now a mandatory part of the regulatory and licensing policy in Sheffield.  The safeguarding training aims to:

  • Help drivers provide a safe and suitable service to vulnerable passengers of all ages. 
  • Recognise what makes a person vulnerable
  • Understand how to respond, including how to report safeguarding concerns and where to get advice. 
  • Promote the code of conduct

To assist drivers, they are provided with window stickers, helpline numbers and a Code of Good Safeguarding Conduct which is included in the 'Safeguarding Awareness Learner's Handbook' below, so that referral and other information is to hand and professional guidance can be obtained, if a driver needs help.

Safeguarding Awareness Learner's Handbook
Hate crime leaflet

By attending the safeguarding training, the driver may have a competitive edge if tendering for contract work with social care or similar services.  The training also aims to develop the driver’s understanding of the importance of record keeping and observing the code of conduct in order to demonstrate their own due diligence as a responsible driver.

Overall, the training aims to promote a responsible and considered service for vulnerable people who live in or visit our city, protecting passengers, the driver and the reputation of our city.

For further information please contact the Licensing Managers: SCSPsafeguardinglicensing@sheffield.gov.uk



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