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Education, Health and Social Care Workers

This page provides information for education, health and social care workers who work with children, young people and families involved in the licensing trade.

Safeguarding children and young people living in pubs, clubs or off licences

For most families, living at licensed premises (for example, pubs, clubs or off-licences) presents no problems and children living there enjoy a normal family life. However, some parents / carers may find themselves facing circumstances and risks that families living in other types of households do not normally experience.

Information for professionals

To ensure that professionals are able to fully support families living at licensed premises, the SSCB Licensing Project has produced an advice leaflet for Education, Health and Social Care workers to raise awareness of environmental and lifestyle issues that may present when families are living in this type of environment. The leaflet includes how to identify and manage risk and suggests best practice for workers safeguarding children and young people living at licensed premises. You can download it from the attachment below.

Information for parents/carers

To encourage parents/carers to think about the lifestyle and environmental issues that may arise, the SSCB Licensing Project has produced an advice leaflet which professionals may wish to refer to or distribute to families living at licensed premises.  


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